Monthly Archive:: July 2006

Motorola Q

The Motorola Q was no secret, anticipated by anxious consumers who were calling it colorful nicknames such as the RAZRBerry and BlackBerry-Killer. Combining an iconic ultra-thin design with the power of Windows Mobile, the Q offered an irresistible blend of form and function. Released earlier this month accompanied by a high-publicity ad campaign, the Motorola

Nokia smartphones tips

Code: [*#2820#] Description: Show your Bluetooth device address. Code: [*#7370#] Then Lock code: Usually [12345] Description: Reset the phone to factor setting. NB. You will loose also all apps, documents, photos etc.. Make sure phone’s battery is fully charged. Code: [*#06#] Description: Show phone’s IMEI number. Code: [*#0000#] Description: Show the device’s build version in