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Our 2 cents on technical terms

Each time we start a project with other developers we try to fix again in my mind all the terms that are required during the development phase. This is a short list of the common terms used during the development: - Architecture This is how you construct an application and the code that is used to call


Tuesday officially released version 1.0 of its Silverlight rich media player. Redmond also announced several high-profile partners that will deliver video and Web content via Silverlight, including the Home Shopping Network, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and the TV show Entertainment Tonight. Microsoft hopes such partnerships will help drive more than 200 million downloads of the player by

Automation-ready sample application

The process of enabling a custom component to support the Flex automation framework is called instrumentation. If you extend an Adobe Flex component, such as the Button component, you are not required to do anything else to make that component testable. If you create a component that inherits from the UIComponent class however, you must

J2ME Guide – Part 6

The word security has many meanings; the need to hide personal information, user authentication and data encryption are all subjects related to the security topic. We can think, for instance, about what would happen if we download a malign midlet that, at a certain time, starts sending SMS messages to a specific phone number giving