Our 2 cents on technical terms

Each time we start a project with other developers we try to fix again in my mind all the terms that are required during the development phase.
This is a short list of the common terms used during the development:

- Architecture
This is how you construct an application and the code that is used to call various aspects of your application.
Just like a building has architectural plans created before it is built, so do applications.
- Micro-architecture
This is a sub structure that can be used to also concrete a way an application patterns itself for reuse. It’s a way to establish a standard of programming that can be relied upon when a team of developers are using the same code base.
- The API
This is a class’s public interface. This means that when you specify.
- Interface
This is the same idea as the API, but it decouples a concrete class IE a class that defines public methods to be implemnted.
- Software development kit or SDK
This just means that it is a package of classes, utilities, compilers that create the runtime object that will be presented to a user of your application.
- Framework
This is just another word for architecture. Usually this term is used by lowlevel developers that are creating reusable components that an architecture will use on an application level. An architecture usually is spoken from an Application developers perspective and framework is spoken from a component developers perspective



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