Intelligere FCS 1.0 just released

This chat system in based on Flash 8 and ActionScript 2.0 for the client side instead the server side is based on AMFPHP, MYSQL and Flash Media Server.
The db is provided in order to handle the users data, the banned users, the badword and the chat rooms.
Basically you can configure the registered user (type 0) or the moderators (type 1) and a list of badword that you don’t want the users type in your chat.
When a user type a badword it will be replaced with a lot of asteirsk (i.e. f**k).
The system also check if the user makes a lot of flood and kick it out from the chat.
The moderators and registered user will be automatically logged in if you pass in query string to the SWF file the id  and the kriptKey variables.
All the rooms may be set in order to handle private messaging, support multimedia (the user can change this settings when it’s logged) and can be marked as public (all the users) or private (registered and moderators only).
The moderators can kick and ban the user, the registered users may handle their friends and enemies list.
As usual the software is released open source under the LGPL license.

You can find the demo here and the souce code here.



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