Monthly Archive:: June 2008

Update Framework for Adobe AIR Applications

This beta release of the update framework for Adobe AIR Applications provides APIs to assist developers in including good update capabilities in their AIR applications. The functionality present in update framework assists developers in the following: * Periodically checking for updates based on an interval or at the request of the user * Downloading AIR

Positioning popups

This small demo show to you how to handle the position of popups created through the PopUpManager class in a Flex application. At the following link you find the demo with the view source enabled, the key points are: Dinamically position of the popups accordingly to a link button position Creation of a custom popup

Flex SDK 3.0.2 update

Since yesterday is available here the stable build of the Flex SDK One of the good reason to upgrade your Flex Builder is that with this SDK you can create AIR application compatible with the release 1.1 (multilanguage support) and some security enhancements. You can find more info here: In order to

RIA Teaching Resources

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) combine the flexibility of desktop applications with the broad reach of the web. RIAs are interactive and engaging, combining an online and off-line experience. To prepare students with the right skills for this new realm of application development that impacts interactivity and visual design and connects designers and developers more closely,