Flex SDK 3.0.2 update

Since yesterday is available here the stable build of the Flex SDK
One of the good reason to upgrade your Flex Builder is that with this SDK you can create AIR application compatible with the release 1.1 (multilanguage support) and some security enhancements.

You can find more info here:

In order to make the update able to work with data visualization components or automated testing you have to copy the following files from the SDK 3.0 folder to the new SDK folder you create for the SDK

# <sdkdir>/frameworks/libs/automation*.swc
# <sdkdir>/frameworks/libs/datavisualization.swc
# <sdkdir>/frameworks/locale/en_US/automation*.swc
# <sdkdir>/frameworks/locale/en_US/datavisualization_rb.swc
# <sdkdir>/frameworks/locale/ja_JP/automation*.swc
# <sdkdir>/frameworks/locale/ja_JP/datavisualization_rb.swc
# <sdkdir>/frameworks/rsls/datavisualization_3.0.0.477.*



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