Agile software development


Our company believe in the Agilde Development methodology and work in this way since more than one year.

Agile software development is a collection of methodologies (Extreme Programming, Scrum, Crystal, and Dynamic Systems development, etc.) designed to solve the problems associated with the long development cycles of traditional waterfall development methods. Agile methods are iterative processes designed to be more flexible, and are driven by cooperation between programmers and customers. This leads to increased customer satisfaction as well as more rapid release of functional software.

The principles behind agile methods were laid out in the Agile Manifesto in 2001:
- Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools.
- Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation.
- Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation.
- Responding to Change over Following a Plan.

Since today we are proud to announce that GNstudio is a corporate member of the Agile Alliance.



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