Agile Conference 2009

agile-logoAgile 2009 is the premier international conference in agile development. The conference looks forward to hosting more than 1600 participants from all over the world in one of North America’s most exciting cities.

Agile 2009 will be an exciting international conference about techniques and technologies, attitudes and policies, research and first-hand experience, from both the management and technical sides of agile software development. The agile approach focuses on delivering business value early in the project lifetime and being able to incorporate emergent requirements. It accentuates the use of rich, informal communication channels and frequent delivery of running, tested systems, while attending to the human component of software development.

Agile 2009 gives attendees access to the latest thinking in this domain, and bridges communities that rarely get a chance to exchange ideas and thoughts. It brings together researchers from labs and academia with executives, managers, and developers in the trenches of software development. The conference is not about a single methodology or approach, but rather provides a forum for the exchange of information regarding all agile development technologies.

See you in Chicago



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