Intelligere SCS RC1

We are pleased to announce the new release of the new release of Intelligere SCS, a complete web conference system released open source.

In the next month a demo space will be arranged and published on the web, in the meanwhile the old web demo is still in place here (login as admin admin), the new space will provide free space and account for all the userS!

The new features are:

  • A control panel in order to handle sessions duration, speakers, user accounts and in order to manage invitation (php adn MySql)
  • The Flex to PPT converter now use Open Office so it’s no more needed the Microsoft Office license on the server or the .NET support
  • The screen sharing has been improved and debugged (30% faster than before)
  • The documentation has been improved (three different manuals in two different languages)
  • The file transfer between connected client has been added, it uses the Flash Player 10 new features
  • The software is compliant with the Flex 3.4 SDK
  • The RED5 synchronization and streaming support has been re-engineered and improved (RED5  RC1 compliant)
  • All the major bug have been fixed

Feel free to contact us for guided tour or for assistance.



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