Flash and Android on HTCH Hero

Build quality for the Hero is outstanding, the device is light but feels really solid to hold.  As many of you have heard me bleat previously buttons are always a big giveaway when it comes to quality.  If a button rocks in it’s bezel, or has a poor action you can tell that it’s not designed to last.  With the Hero there’s no issues with any of the front facing buttons, the volume control on the side could have been toughened up.

The screen quality is great, it’s sharp and bright right to the corners and sports 320×480 pixels with multi-touch support.  I’ve found it to be highly responsive and accurate, and with the accelerometers I can type in portrait and landscape mode very easily.  In the screenshot above you can see the rich SenseUI provided by HTC, everything on the screen is customizable because they are either Widgets or shortcuts.

Flash is like the cherry on the top for the HTC Hero, bringing a huge volume of web media to an already fantastic device and platform.  Despite a few glitches I think HTC are on to a winner with this device, and really have demonstrated that their finger is on the “social” pulse.

Now if you want to strt to play with the SDK and and Flash you can follow these 2 great tutorials

Flash Development with Android SDK 1.5 (part 1)

Flash Development with Android SDK 1.5 (part 2)



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