Carbide C++ 2.6 update released

While Qt is destined to become the main technology for future Nokia devices, with Nokia focusing his efforts into its recently released Nokia Qt IDE, Carbide C++ still represents in most cases the primary choice for native Symbian development.

Carbide C++ 2.6 has just been released, with the major improvements in the added support for GCCE 4.0 and Symbian^3. Bug fixes include:

  • GCCE4 support requires using a SBSv2 build alias (-c parameter) of armv5_udeb_gcce or armv5_urel_gcce. As of this writing, these aliases were not available in the SDK or SBSv2, but will appear in some future version. Carbide versions prior to 2.6 do not support GCCE4.
  • Users should consult the SDK documentation for GCCE and SBSv2 issues and installation requirements.
  • TRK: If you install the TRK app onto your phone’s flash memory (Mass Storage) a Remote Connection may not find the TRK-service even though TRK is already connected to your PC. Workaround: Uninstall TRK then reinstall it onto your PHONE memory (C-drive). The TRK service should now be “Available”.

The update is available through the standard Software Update mechanism.



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