Jakob Nielsen on the iPad’s usability

The usability guru Dr Jakob Nielsen just published a free 93-page report on iPad usability. In his report he
critiques the most important iPad’s usability failings and points out how Apple should allow more diversity on its platforms including the option for Adobe Flash.

“For once, I’m on the side of Flash,” he says, “because I think Apple is trying to over-rigidly control what’s on its devices. I can understand there are benefits to doing that, but there are also benefits to the diversity of the internet. Diversity is a very powerful mechanism. In the early days of the web, there were many alternatives that were closed services – AOL, CompuServe, Trilogy – but on the web, anybody could put up anything, including a lot of bad stuff. But users vote with their feet, or their clicks: they can click away from bad Flash and click towards good Flash. It’s a shame Apple is so restrictive on what they allow on the iPad and the iPhone. When a customer has bought a device, it’s theirs; they should be able to see the information they want, and run the applications they want.”

Completely agree with him! Read the full article from guardian.co.uk.



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