New Java Verified program released: cheaper testing for simple apps

Some good news for Java developers: Java Verified has just released a new, cheaper test program for mobile applications: the Simple App Testing.

The new program will allow to test simple applications for an average cost of approximately 75 euros per app, slightly cheaper than the cost for standard test program.

But what’s a “simple app”? Here’s the definition, directly from the Java Verified website:

A simple application is defined as one which does not require midlet permissions.

There are three exceptions (where permissions are required but the app is still regarded as a simple app)

- A demo application or game that connects to a wapsite to upgrade to the full version.
- An application that has a connection to provide in-application advertising.
- An application that simply launches a browser session (formerly known as a stub application).

A bit restrictive to be honest, but it could be (with a bit of optimism) a good starting point for a more simplified, and accessible, testing and distribution model for Java apps.



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