Video tutorials: multi-touch in Flash & AIR for Android (1)

Lee Brimelow (Platform Evangelist at Adobe) just published on couple new video tutorials. One focusing on responding to Raw Touch Data and handle multi-touch:

I just uploaded a new tutorial that explains how to respond and handle raw touch data in Flash Player 10.1. In a previous tutorial I showed how to respond to gestures, but intouch mode you can track all of the touch points on your screen. The 3M display that I am using supports up to 60 touch points, although I have yet to think of an example of how to use them all.

And the second one about AIR for Android (part 1):

I just uploaded the first tutorial in a multi-part series on developing AIR applications for Android. In this first tutorial I explain how to get your development environment setup and how to create and load a simple application onto your device using Flash CS5. Future tutorials will cover topics like using the emulator and performance optimizations.




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