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Incredible collection of wireframing kits, UI design kits, PDFs and resources for the ultimate mobile designer

To mock-up the user interface of a website, software or any other product, you’ll need some basic UI elements. And this is where wireframing kits and UI design kits come in handy. When you want to create a low-fidelity prototype for your projects, you can use these kits to give your idea a certain shape,

Jailbreaking an iPhone is allowed

Jailbreaking your iPhone or other mobile device will no longer violate federal copyright law, the U.S. Copyright Office ruled Monday. The decision, part of a process that takes place every three years, said that bypassing a manufacturer’s protection mechanisms to allow “handsets to execute software applications” is permissible. The Copyright Office also allowed bypassing the anticopying

Communication challenges with distributed teams

Agile development is based on an easy and informal work-flow of communication between customers and software house. One of the greatest challenges is to keep the communication fluent also between the development team. Recently we took part to a simulation during which two different teams, split into two sub teams living in different time zones,