HP Tablet presentation event

Hewlett-Packard is expected to soon introduce a tablet running WebOS. WebOS was HP’s “strategic reason” for its $1.2 billion purchase of smartphone maker Palm in mid-2010.
One of the advantages of WebOS that is briefly highlighted in the training is the platform’s ability to run on multiple devices that can easily communicate with each other over the Internet.
Few days ago HP announced that the 9th of February the new Tablet running over WebOS will be presented, there is a lot of interest and buzz around this event especially because
the new tablet’s picture seems very similar to the iPad.
There’s a set of speakers, front-facing camera, and a micro-USB port, which will no doubt handle the charging and file transfer duties.
But the one place where this tablet sets itself apart is where it counts most: The OS.

Let’s see which other news will reach us in the next days.



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