Nokia and Microsoft, it’s marriage or funeral?

In the past days the mobile developers community got the announcement about a new partnership between Nokia and Microsoft that would use their complementary strengths and expertise to create a new global mobile ecosystem.
The main aspects of this strategic partnership from a developer point of view are that Nokia would adopt Windows Phone as its principal smartphone strategy and that Nokia would help drive the future of Windows Phone contributing
to it with its expertise on hardware design, language support, etc. On the other side Microsoft will bring a consistent expertise about Operating Systems and a good toolbox full of development tools.

There are a lot of developers that believe this step is a very desperate move to stay in business and admitting that Nokia isn’t in any way capable of creating an attractive smartphone eco-system, moreover there is a general
sense of frustration between the ones that has invested a lot of time and money following the Nokia strategies and created products for the Nokia platform.
The feeling we have about this partnership are different, we believe the decision was not because of today, was because of Nokia in the next years. What we see right now on the market is that Blackberry is consolidating a partnership
with Adobe for the new playbook, google is working in the same direction to improve even more their app market place and the Apple is quite solid and is trying to became a mobile operator.
Create a strong relationship with a company like Microsoft doesn’t seem a bad solution also because Nokia demonstrated more than once to trust and support the developer community so it’s still possible to have a Qt porting (I don´t
know what Microsoft thinks about it) and to force Microsoft to include some of the Nokia-related tools up to today (Flash Player at least).

Some years ago the Flash Platform developers community have had the same feeling about Adobe and Macromedia. Adobe did one great marketing effort to demonstrate it was a marriage, right now most of the developers are happy about the marriage
but not all of them.
It’s too early to get the right feeling, again it’s something that is up to the high level management, the important is that there is the need for clarity about tools and developers program like Forum Nokia, after we got some clarifications we will be able to follow up and state if it’s a funeral or a marriage.



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