360|Flex Conference, party and a new software

GNstudio 360 Flex invitation360|Flex is the first and still the best Adobe Flex developer conference in the world. During the conference you will not get company pushing books, or a media company selling subscriptions, the conference goal is to bring the best and brightest in the developer community together for 4 days of incredible sessions, awesome parties, good times, and learning.

We are very used to the 360|Flex conference since the very beginning and each time we encourage developers to come because it’s the place to go if you want to exchange ideas with pairs and with the engineers that are behind the scene of the Flex framework.

The conference this year will be in Denver from the 10th yo the 13rd of April, the 360|Flex facts are

  • 4 days of conference
  • 50+ sessions
  • 4 Hands-on sessions
  • More than 30 speakers
  • Adobe Engineers
  • Community experts

This year we planned to improve the Monday evening party because we would love to have fun and we would like to invite all the Flex developers to celebrate the born of a new software designed around developers: Envision APDT.

Envision APDT is a tool created in order to let developers be faster during the modeling of an application. Even more the tool helps you breakdown the gap between technical guys and not technical guys so that you can check that the logic of your software will match with the end customer expectations. In order to make the modeling phase of a project compelling we tried to avoid any formalism (e.g. UML rules and syntax) and to leave as much as possible freedom in the way models can be created. Most of the time developers believe that modeling is time consuming, Envision APDT is able to generate three different outputs:

  • ActionScript 3.0 source code
  • Java source code
  • Pseudocode ascii representation

To be updated about this new software you can sign up to the form available here www.envsion-apdt.com, the first one hundred registered user can get a special goodie during the party, bring with you the confirmation e-mail!

During the party our team will be ready to reply to specific questions and to distribute licenses, stickers and even more.



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