NOOK APPS technical workshop for Adobe AIR

The Nook Color is a color version of the Nook e-reader device by Barnes & Noble. It is a 7-inch tablet with full-color multitouch touchscreen input.The device is designed for full-color viewing of books, newspapers, magazines, and children’s picture books. A limited number of the children’s books available for the Nook Color include interactive animations and the option to have a professional voice actor read the story. It was announced on 26 October 2010 and shipped on 16 November 2010.

One of the most popular games today, Angry Birds, made its way on to the NOOK Color in April when the tab received the awesome 1.2 firmware upgrade. Angry Birds gets even better now with the “Magic Places” concept that unlocks new content (for free) in the game based on players’ location. Barnes & Noble’s Android device is the first to bring this feature to customers via its WiFi network in-store.

Barnes and Noble has a dedicated NOOK Developer Program where Android, Adobe Flash and AIR developers can go for information on how to create applications for the product. In addition the program has a NOOK Software Development Kit (SDK) for helping in the building of applications for the NOOK Color.
Developers can create Android applications compatible with Froyo Release (2.2) API 8 and also Adobe Flash 10.1 and AIR 2.6 content as the latest release (v1.2) supports these features.

Nearly 2 million apps have been downloaded by NOOK Color customers in the weeks following the launch of NOOK Apps and they’re asking for more.
A very interesting event has been published today the NOOK APPS TECHNICAL WORKSHOP FOR ADOBE AIR, it will take place Thursday, July 14 at San Francisco, more info available here.



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