Intelligere SCS RC4

Today we released the new release of Intelligere SCS one of the open source projects we run!
Intelligere SCS is a collaboration system with an integrated web conference system ideal for virtual classroom, e-learning and video conference. In order to view an on-line demo use this address (user and pass ‘sfguest’).

The new features just released into sourceforge are:

- Sharing documents now support PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT and all the correspondent Open Office formats
- The control panel has been improved from a user interface point of view and now is able to handle multiple companies, speakers and sessions (each session right now is able to be scheduled with a starting and ending date)
- The conversion routine is based on UNOCONV
- The desktop sharing and the remote desktop control now is in Java and can be used on Win, Mac and Linux
- The streaming server now is RED5 0.9.1 and not anymore the old 0.5 version
- The delay in desktop sharing and / or remote desktop is now between 5 and 8 sec
- The control panel and the web application now support multi language
- The new desktop application based on Java let the user to create sessions on the fly from the desktop without the need to login in the control panel
- The control panel now has a REST interface to create sessions
- The dashboard now supports multiple shapes and new tools

You can find here  more screenshots to better understand the job we did and even more you can browse our wiki.
The page you have to refer to on sourceforge is

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