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Today is Earth Day! Over one billion people in 192 countries are participating from London to Sao Paolo, Seoul to Babylon City, New Delhi to New York, Cairo to Rome; and today in Rome we are proud to announce the Pinzimonio project!

By the end of may 2013 our new e-commerce web site based on Magento will be online, each time you will buy a product from our store a the 3% of our income will be donated to  differents non-profits organization. The organizations will vary each three months but all of them will have something in common; are environmental-non-profits organizations.

With so many environmental groups sporting similar names and missions we are focusing our attention to a short list of organizations for our first year:

  • World Wildlife Federation: offers a global program for saving the ocean and its inhabitants.
  • The Ocean Conservancy: advocates healthy ocean ecosystems and opposes practices that threaten marine life.
  • Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society: this group works for the conservation and welfare of whales, dolphins and porpoises.
  • Greenpeace: thirty years ago this organization sent inflatable dinghies into the high seas to stop Russian whaling ships, thereby ushering in the Save the Whales movement.

Once the web site will be online a form to suggest other non-profits organizations will be available, stay tuned!



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