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first impressions about the Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire could be the first truly successful Android tablet. It touts a very reasonable $200 price tag, a well-curated app store, easy access to Amazon’s cloud-based services, brand trust and recognition. One of the reasons why I guess it can be a success is because the failing point of many existing 7-inch tablets

Web caching and Web prefetching

Modern smart phone applications include web browsing, multimedia, gaming thus demanding high performance that are comparable to that of desktop and laptop machines. Data access optimization and caching is one of the key factors that can dramatically improve performance and therefor the user experience.

JavaScript application load strategies

The load policy of a web application is really a cross technology topic in fact a web app that loads fast usually get a better user experience. The components of an application can be roughly summarized as following: services client libraries (the application toolboxes) user interface (css and images) modules A module can be defined

RIACon 2011!

The Rich Internet Application Conference, August 6th and 7th – Rockville, MD Where architects and developers of all levels will share and learn about creating the next generation of web based applications.  RIAcon’s goals are to help you network with fellow industry professionals and expose you to the best relevant content and most up to

Intelligere SCS RC4

Today we released the new release of Intelligere SCS one of the open source projects we run! Intelligere SCS is a collaboration system with an integrated web conference system ideal for virtual classroom, e-learning and video conference. In order to view an on-line demo use this address (user and pass ‘sfguest’). The new features

Adobe Mobile Contest

Adobe is launching today Adobe Mobile Challenge, a competition that gives you and your members a chance to win a ticket to MAX. What’s it all about: 1.  Develop a mobile AIR application using a pure AS3 project or the Flex framework. It can be a game, a productivity application, a lifestyle app, an artistic

iOS Devices and page transitions

Often happens that customers require to implement transitions between pages, nice animations, etc. also in a mobile web sites. This kind of effects usually belong to Flash web sites but unfortunately on iOS devices there is still no support for Flash. Thanks to “Stevie” in fact the web on the mobile is growing up without

NOOK APPS technical workshop for Adobe AIR

The Nook Color is a color version of the Nook e-reader device by Barnes & Noble. It is a 7-inch tablet with full-color multitouch touchscreen input.The device is designed for full-color viewing of books, newspapers, magazines, and children’s picture books. A limited number of the children’s books available for the Nook Color include interactive animations

FATC conference, individual over processes

One of the principles of the agile manifesto that GNStudio subscribes to is: “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” We have just returned from New York City where GNStudio sponsored and presented at the Flash and the City conference and we learned that this same principle can also be applied to conferences. As a