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FATC conference, individual over processes

One of the principles of the agile manifesto that GNStudio subscribes to is: “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” We have just returned from New York City where GNStudio sponsored and presented at the Flash and the City conference and we learned that this same principle can also be applied to conferences. As a

Pseudocode and agile modeling

Introduction The purpose of this article is not to be an omni-comprehensive guide about pseudocode but a starting point for a discussion about possible usages and the benefit we are experiencing from the usage of pseudocode during our development process. We are so enthusiast about pseudocode that we are developing an Eclipse plug-in to create

Communication challenges with distributed teams

Agile development is based on an easy and informal work-flow of communication between customers and software house. One of the greatest challenges is to keep the communication fluent also between the development team. Recently we took part to a simulation during which two different teams, split into two sub teams living in different time zones,

Outsystems releasases free version of Agile Platform

Full-version Agile Platform Community Edition provides developers zero-cost opportunity to discover benefits of Agile web development OutSystems®, provider of the industry-leading Agile Platform, today announced the immediate availability of the free Agile Platform Community Edition, providing developers with an easy way to create web business applications and explore Agile techniques without any vendor lock-in. The