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JavaScript application load strategies

The load policy of a web application is really a cross technology topic in fact a web app that loads fast usually get a better user experience. The components of an application can be roughly summarized as following: services client libraries (the application toolboxes) user interface (css and images) modules A module can be defined

Google Maps JavaScript API and Flex-IFrame

Introduction Implementing Google Maps for Flex application proved to be more challenging than it looked at first. Requirement was to have Google Maps implementation as much as possible like This ruled out Google Maps Flash API ( It has no support for Street View ( and look and feel is much different than of

Pseudocode and agile modeling

Introduction The purpose of this article is not to be an omni-comprehensive guide about pseudocode but a starting point for a discussion about possible usages and the benefit we are experiencing from the usage of pseudocode during our development process. We are so enthusiast about pseudocode that we are developing an Eclipse plug-in to create

Helper Classes

On our blog we spent few words about the architecture of a component in Flex / Air applications identifying which are the building blocks of well organized component. It’s the time to clarify the nature of the classes that we imagine to find in the helpers packaging. Traditionally an helper class is a class