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Cross plarform mobile development

Hi all, what I’ve been into lately is testing some tools for getting a descent cross platform development framework. What I’ve been testing most was PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, Golden Gecko and Whoop. The last 2 are not open platforms neither do they target developers (but rather designers) so I won’t mention them any further. For

New SDK, Ovi publishing and free Symbian signing: Nokia calls individual developers to the rescue

Nokia today did a series of announcement, especially targeted towards individual developers, and with the precise aim of lowering the barriers for developing and publishing apps for Nokia devices. The first important announcement is that, starting today, individual developers can register and publish their apps to the Ovi Store, a thing previously allowed to companies

Mobilising websites: Guidelines for Web Runtime Widgets development

Since there’s a lot of buzz around mobile Web, I’ve decided to publish a first series of guidelines that will hopefully help both Web and mobile developers to face this new opportunity. You can read the 2 articles on my blog on Forum Nokia: Mobilising websites: guidelines for WRT Widgets development, part 1 Mobilising websites: