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Web caching and Web prefetching

Modern smart phone applications include web browsing, multimedia, gaming thus demanding high performance that are comparable to that of desktop and laptop machines. Data access optimization and caching is one of the key factors that can dramatically improve performance and therefor the user experience.

Create a cross-platform mobile app with AS3 and HTML5/JS

The turning point In the last months of 2010 Apple has removed many restrictions in its developer agreement and published guidelines about the apps it will accept and reject. Between these restrictions there was also the impossibility to submit to the appstore apps built using the packager for iPhone. Flash on the iPhone ? really

Mobilising websites: Guidelines for Web Runtime Widgets development

Since there’s a lot of buzz around mobile Web, I’ve decided to publish a first series of guidelines that will hopefully help both Web and mobile developers to face this new opportunity. You can read the 2 articles on my blog on Forum Nokia: Mobilising websites: guidelines for WRT Widgets development, part 1 Mobilising websites:

J2ME Guide – Part 8

As is well known, the number of devices on the market, and their features, are growing continuously; every now and then a new mobile phone or a PDA is launched on the market. At first, a mobile phone was employed just to make and to receive voice calls. Now, our device is a powerful object